Today marked the last day a Chevrolet Cruze rolled off the line at General Motors' Lordstown, Ohio plant. And 1,700 employees are going to be hitting the job market.

That's because they're getting eliminated.

According to reports, up to 14,000 workers may get laid off as GM undergoes yet another restructuring and shifts production to sport-utility vehicles, trucks and electric vehicles. To us, it's a shame. American workers are getting hurt.

But we've got to ask the tough question: Is this simply the cost of doing business and it's a matter of evolving consumer tastes? OR, is this really due to poor leadership and equally bad products that couldn't cut the mustard in a highly competitive market?

What say you, Spies?

The last compact car has rolled off the line at General Motors' massive assembly plant in Ohio as the automaker began moving toward its future while workers wondered about theirs. 

Workers posted photos of the final Chevrolet Cruze making its way down the assembly line near Youngstown on Wednesday. 

A GM spokesman said the last Cruze came off the line in Lordstown at about 3pm.  

There was a somber mood inside the plant, where more than 50 years of car manufacturing came to an end...

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Is GM's Lordstown Plant Closure Simply A Cost Of Doing Business OR Simply BAD Executives And BAD Products?

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