A four-wheel-drive M3? It’s on its way, people. A 4WD M4 too, in all likelihood. Rumours suggest that the next M3 and M4, launched later this year, will be available in both rear-wheel drive and 4WD versions. Y’know, just like a regular 3 Series.

The switchable 4WD tech that has transformed the current M5’s usability will trickle down to the M3, but – and this is the important bit – not be compulsory. It’s thought that the range will diversify with purer, lighter, simpler rear-wheel drive models available alongside 4WD versions.

At the heart of the new M3/4 is an all-new twin-turbo six-cylinder engine developing 473bhp. A gain of almost 50bhp over the current standard car, it’s the biggest power leap seen in an M3 since six cylinder E46 gave way to V8 E92.

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Upcoming M3 And M4 Will Have An AWD Option To Control The Power

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