When it comes to luxury vehicles, one marque that has been a consistent also ran in recent years is Infiniti. And after a strong run in the early 2000s, it seems that Nissan's luxury division has gone a bit flat.

Simply put, something is off.

From the designs to the model nomenclature to the marketing. Nothing just quite works.

While the QX60 hit the sweet spot and was a sport-utility vehicle that was snapped up, it's gotten a bit stale. Same thing for the massive QX80. The QX30 is essentially a reskinned Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. Last, but not least, the latest QX50 seems to have its act together but it's still a head scratcher with its variable compression turbo engine and interior that seems pretty run of the mill.

You wouldn't say anything about it is really swinging for the fences. It's almost as though Infiniti is happy taking third or fourth place and calling it a night.

So, I've got to ask: Is the total DEMISE of Infiniti preventable or is it already too late — has the ship sailed?

Is The Total Demise Of Infiniti Preventable Or Is It Already Too Late?

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