Just to set the record straight before we get going, RUF is an automaker. It is not a tuner although one may thinking that given that it works exclusively with Porsche products.

And the CTR "Yellowbird" is a motoring legend.

So, it was an interesting surprise to learn that RUF decided to resurrect the Yellowbird for its 30th anniversary. I guess one could ask, "Why not?"

CAR magazine, based in the UK, had the chance to get behind the wheel of the 700 horsepower monster. The end result? Well, you can digest that here but I'd recommend you check out the full story via the link below.

It's worth a read.

Early verdict

On these rolling, well-sighted rolling roads, which allow you to safely pick off slower traffic – and all traffic is slug-slow when you’re in the CTR – it’s ridiculously easy to maintain a very decent lick of speed. This feels like such a capable vehicle, as if Ruf and his team squeezed every last drop of Porscheness available, boiled it down to a concentrate and then brimmed the CTR.

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