It's no secret, folks. Consumers are rushing towards sport-utility vehicles and trucks.

This is happening on a global basis.

Of course, automakers have bent over backwards to meet demand. This includes the development and shipping of products that are great and, in some cases, equally as bad. What can you expect when some vehicles are rushed to market?

Recently, Top Gear's well-known host, Chris Harris, was doing a fast video review of select vehicles within their categories. When he got to the compact SUV class, Harris rushes over a few options and concludes that "I wouldn't have any of them 'cause they're all complete sh!tboxes."

Over the years I've agreed with Harris more often than not. When I first said that the first-gen X5M/X6Ms had a bit of the same sound of the Ferrari F355, he also picked up on that. When Harris noted the Mazda Miata is an awful vehicle, I concurred.

So, I've got to wonder: Is Harris onto something by noting that compact SUVs are an utter waste of space?

What say you, Spies?

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VIDEO: Top Gear's Chris Harris Declares That Compact SUVs Are

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