You know, it's funny. I was just thinking of the past several folks I've assisted in the purchase of their latest automobile and, I have to say, they've all been different.

While they've all gotten into sport-utility vehicles, each of their wants and needs were completely unique.

But an even bigger factor that weighed in was each individual's significant other. In some cases, ultimately, the wife or husband were the gatekeeper. In other situations, they weren't involved in the slightest.

Where significant others have been involved, I've seen rather big swings from what one's thinking was at the outset to what was delivered in the driveway (e.g., wanting a Range Rover to coming home with a six-cylinder BMW X5). So, just out of curiosity, I wanted to ask: With your latest automotive purchase, was your significant other involved? Did it change the outcome of what you were originally seeking to acquire?

With Your Last Auto Purchase, Did Your Significant Other Play A Role In The Decision?

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