There I was.

We were rocketing down New York City's West Side Highway. It was about 9 o'clock last night and it was pouring rain. The night and rain don't exactly mesh well. As the Toyota Camry I was a passenger in rocked back and forth due to this Manhattan thoroughfare's potholes, I was mid text with Agent 001.

It was then that I looked up while traveling about 70 mph and realized one thing I don't think any backseat passenger wants to see. Visibility was poor.

But it was even more worse because this driver's windshield wiper blades had not been switched out. This translates to the windscreen looking like one big-time blur.

After sending a joke to 001, I realized something: This is actually pretty dangerous and clearly something people don't think too much about. Much like driving on the right set of tires or changing them before they "time out," this is another maintenance issue that goes unchecked. 

So, I've got to ask: What seemingly minor maintenance issues, that are actually MAJOR, do you see commonly unaddressed?

Which Seemingly Minor Maintenance Issues, That Are Actually MAJOR, Do YOU See Unaddressed?

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