One thing I've only begun to understand lately is just how incredibly wild the used car market is.

Really, it's a completely different ball game.

And, it's constantly changing.

But, as I've written before, consumer expectations have also changed. More than ever before, technology is front and center for today's average buyer. They want the radar-guided cruise control that auto stops and starts. They want the driver aids and park assist. Vehicles have turned into two ton mobile phones.

In other words, they're disposable pieces of tech.

Having said that, we're curious: Will this level setting of customer expectations around technology cause used vehicle values to PLUMMET as tech evolves at a faster pace? Obviously, performance cars are in a league of their own but excluding that, do you believe lower tech vehicles are at a disadvantage?

Will Used Car Values Plummet More Than Ever Because Tech Is Changing SO Fast?

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