In one of the James Bond flicks, Tomorrow Never Dies, we see the main character use his BMW 750iL unlike any other car at the time — it was released in 1997. That's because Bond whips out his Ericsson JB988 and controls his BMW so that it essentially picks him up to get him out of harm's way.

Well, it appears that life is imitating art. Sort of.

That's because some folks are now demonstrating how Enhanced Summon works with their Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Apparently, you can instruct the vehicle to pick you up and the car will actually drive itself over to you.

It's sort of hard to believe it's possible but it's happening. Of course it's not moving terribly fast but this isn't a James Bond film, folks.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Is this AWESOME or AWFUL? What say you, Spies?

AWESOME or AWFUL? Would You LOVE It If You Could Summon Your Car To Come To YOU Via Phone?

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