In a recent Tesla Model 3 update to owners in Europe, Tesla added features like Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, Peak Power Increase, and Navigate on Autopilot. In addition, a new feature coined Dynamic Brake Lights rolls out. Its purpose is to better alert other drivers that the car is stopping quickly and, potentially, unexpectedly.

If the Model 3 driver engages hard braking at speeds in excess of 31 mph, the new safety feature kicks in. Teslarati first reported about the update and obtained release notes via DutchDeity on Reddit (r/TeslaMotors). The notes read:

If you are driving over 50 km/h and brake forcefully, the brake lights will now flash quickly to warn other drivers that your car is rapidly slowing down,” reads the description for Tesla’s Dynamic Brake Lights feature. In addition to flashing the tail lights in situations that call for unexpected heavy braking, the vehicle will also flash its hazard lights.

If your car stops completely, the hazard warning lights will flash until you press the accelerator or manually press the hazard warning lights button to turn them off.

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Tesla's Dynamic Brake Lights Raise The Bar In Avoiding Rear End Collisions

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