Although most buyers seeking an all-new ride drift towards a sports-utility vehicle, that doesn't mean that the world has stopped spinning. In other words, sedans are still for sale.

And if you're looking for something that's priced more aggressive than today's entry-level luxury sedans, we have two vehicles that might be up your alley. Assuming, of course, that you're not a snob that's into the badge more than the product.

That would be the Kia Stinger.

And, that would be the all-new VW Arteon.

Having said that, both are quite a bit of car with panache that can be had with a lot of kit. So, we've got to ask: WHICH would YOU rather drive? The Kia Stinger or the VW Arteon?

CAR WARS! Which Sub $40k Sedan Would YOU Rather Have? Kia Stinger Vs. VW Arteon?

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