It's pretty amazing to see how vehicles go through evolution. Some get bigger, some get smaller and all get more technology.

The RAV4 nameplate has been around for more than 20 years now and it continues to be a strong selling vehicle. But, if we're honest, it's always been a bit femme or downright peculiar. For 2019 though, we get an all-new RAV4 and it finally has some proper design.

Boasting a look that I feel brings forward a bit of the grunt from the 4Runner, the RAV4's side profile is more angular and almost Lexus NX like. On the inside the interior is completely overhauled with pretty good space in the front, rear and cargo areas.

Having been piloting one this week, I have to admit it's actually a pretty nice ride. The tester I've got is way too expensive though, ringing the register at nearly $40,000. For the high $20,000s and low $30,000s, sure, this would be a nice buy.

The Honda CR-V has something to worry about. See what Consumer Reports' has to say about it in the clip below.

NOTE: While Consumer Reports claims the RAV4 is taut, that couldn't be further from the truth. Its suspension is much more refined over the last-gen product and is exceedingly comfortable. I am quite impressed with the leap it made, generation-to-generation.

Toyota's RAV4 comes standard with numerous advanced safety features and offers competitive fuel economy for the class. But its stiff ride, intrusive engine noise, and lackluster interior may distract from an otherwise well performing vehicle.

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