Only months ago, we made a call. It was a bold one but this isn't something that's unfamiliar to the Agents.

We said it loud and clear.

The all-new Jeep Wrangler (JL) was getting hammered on the wholesale market. Simply put, their values were not holding up at auction. This includes both the Rubicon and Sahara variants.

In comparison, the JK Wrangler was still maintaining its value. This is how bad it's gotten: Dealers are discounting all-new JLs to the tune of $8,000 in SoCal and these vehicles are still not moving quickly enough.

We hate to say it but we told you so.

We were onto this months ago because Agent 001 knows this market like the back of his hand. And, he also experienced it first hand. According to 001 he never had so much trouble moving a Wrangler as his JL. When he decided to part ways with his JL it sat on Craigslist for three months and it only received a handful of calls from interested buyers. Consider this: It was the only 2018 JL in the SoCal region for sale on Craigslist.

That said, we've got to call the JL on the carpet: What is SO WRONG with the all-new JL that it's getting punished by the free markets?

WHAT Did Jeep Do SO WRONG On The New WRANGLER JL? Sales And Resale Dropping Like The Rocks They Climb...#FCA

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