Our good Buffalo family friend Austin Rexinger just penned an article with the claim that the Ford Mustang is the WORLD'S MOST Instagrammed car.

He wrote "
More than any other car, #FordMustang and #Mustang have been used the most on Instagram, a whopping 11,947,872 times (and counting)."

Now don't get me wrong, I like the Mustang. In fact, it was my first car ever.

But there are a LOT of real cool cars out there so I probably would have lost the trivia question if this came up at my favorite watering hole (when I'm not driving. NEVER, drink and drive!).

So the question we have for you EXPERTS is...WHY ON EARTH is the Ford Mustang of ALL the choices, is the MOST Instagenic car? Why though???

Give us your best theory of why it beats all others.

And on a side note, it may be the most instagrammed but Auto Spies photos are the most STOLEN by other sites lololol.

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The Ford Mustang Is The WORLD'S MOST Instagrammed Car. We Ask A SIMPLE Question. WHY, THOUGH?

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