Amazon's The Grand Tour is a show about three old men going on an adventure. Oh, there's cars too.

The three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, all have their own character traits. Whether it's natural or by design for entertainment is up to you to decide.

Given their chemistry and the show's immense popularity, one has to assume it's a good time to be among the trio. Just don't serve them a cold dinner. And, you may not want to let a fire go out if that's your only source of heat while staying on a cold lake.

Not sure what I'm on about? Then I suggest you see why May nearly killed Clarkson. I'm thinking he's using a bit of hyperbole.

With the Grand Tour trio having been on camera together for over 16 years now, you can forgive them for getting annoyed at each other every once in a while. James May tells us the story of a night in Argentina that put his friendship with Jeremy Clarkson to the test. One piece of advice for everyone out there – don't let the fire go out.

VIDEO: The Grand Tour's James May Almost Killed Jeremy Clarkson During Their Argentinian Adventure

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