The Lexus RC F has been a tremendous vehicle to drive since its debut. Equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 good for more than 450 horsepower, it has plenty of grunt and it double downs on attitude.

If it weren't equipped with just an automatic transmission, I probably would have considered it when I picked up my BMW M2. But, the car gods didn't gift the Lexus with a do-it-yourself transmission.

Having said that, Lexus has rolled out an all-new variant dubbed the Track Edition. Shedding pounds and dialing up the power ever so slightly, it's the most hardcore RC F yet. The carbon ceramic big brake kit doesn't hurt either.

But at nearly six figures, that's a lot of coin for an RC F that felt too heavy and wayward, which differs from the BMW M4's scalpel-like approach. That said, there might be something to be said for a more purpose-built vehicle.

So, how does it shake out?

See what Automobile has to say, below.

...The updates to the 2020 model make even the standard RC F a friendlier and livelier dance partner, but the Track Edition upgrades take the RC F from track-capable to track-ready. The difference is immediately apparent and appreciated even more after a few laps have heat-soaked the brakes and left the standard car’s pedal feeling long and soft, even if they’re still plenty able to stop the car. The Track Edition’s upgraded brakes are indefatigable, and the carbon rotors and beefy (yet lightweight) six-piston front Brembo calipers make the car much more confidence-inspiring on the track, while retuned brake-pedal travel improves precision in application.

On track the power is ample, and the rear is always ready to rotate the nose toward the apex at turn-in, a tendency that’s easier to modulate this time around thanks to the almost perfectly linear throttle mapping—there’s no more artificially boosted throttle application in Sport+ mode. Likewise, the steering is neither too light nor too heavy, and inputs yield the expected outputs, with enough feel to have confidence in pushing the front end toward its grip limit. In all, the RC F Track Edition feels like it belongs on track as much as any other luxury sport coupe in its price range, and that’s quite a compliment, considering it shares space with the BMW M4 Competition and AMG C63 S...

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DRIVEN: The All-new Lexus RC F Track Edition — Does It Earn Its New Name?

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