One vehicle that made a splash in 2018 was the all-new Alpine A110. There's just a couple problems:

1) I most likely wouldn't fit; and, 2) It's not offered in the States, which is a shame, really. C'est la vie.

While many of you may not be sure why this is a big deal, many people who have driven the A110 have made some bold claims. The latest? They've noted it is brilliant in a multitude of ways. Even comparing it with the like of automotive superheroes in form of the aforementioned in this story's headline.

Perhaps its hyperbole but this Autocar article is a particularly interesting read. That's because the writer had it in their possession for several months.

That said, check out the excerpt below and read the full story by clicking "Read Article," below.

Do you know when an Alpine A110 is at its absolute best? When you drive it ‘normally’. In the three months that it was mine, I threw it along mountain passes and around race tracks. I thrashed its little 1.8-litre motor to the limiter more times than I’d care to admit, and broke the traction of its rear tyres at every available safe opportunity. But never was I more dumbstruck by the car than when, say, taking it to the airport, or collecting a child from school. Because in those sorts of environments, it shouldn’t have worked at all. Yet it did. 

And that is remarkable. Imagine you had another one-tonne, two-seat sports car in the same situation: you’d go down the M4 simply accepting that the lack of refinement, stiff ride, crude interior and clunky functionality were merely the price that needed to be paid to drive a car so light and enjoyable on the right road. But the Alpine is quiet, it is comfortable, it is very nicely trimmed and works nearly as well as a Mégane most of the time. There is no quid pro quo. Which is why now, more than ever, I think the A110 is not just a fine new car but a landmark. I use the word carefully because in the sports car world they don’t come along very often: the McLaren F1, the original Audi Quattro, Ferrari’s Dino 246 GT and, of course, the first Porsche 911...

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