One the most bizarre and, frankly, cruel automotive stories we've heard in quite some time happened this past year. Essentially, it involved a scumbag dealer representative and an opportunity that was essentially created by high-end sports cars and their limited availability.

It's not something, in my opinion, that can be blamed on the automaker. But, it did create the perfect storm for something like this to happen.

We all know that Porsche's GT cars (GT3, GT3RS, GT2, GT2RS) are some of the most desired vehicles on the planet. And given the low production numbers and craziness of the Porsche market, dealers can be the gatekeepers.

Shiraaz Sookralli's story is a simple one: He created a shell company, bilked folks who wanted a Porsche GT car for deposits and then blew just about all of the money, which was north of $2MM bucks.

Turns out the story has a happy — depending how you define that — ending. He was caught earlier in 2019 and all of the folks who were involved were "made whole." Essentially, Champion Porsche either refunded their deposits or applied what was lost to a new vehicle.

The weird bit? It sounds like he was caught in South Florida. He didn't skip town because the money had already been spent.

...The big unanswered question is where exactly Sookralli has been hiding since September. There was immediate speculation that he had fled the country, since $2 million can get you past the reach of an extradition treaty. But it seems Sookralli never left south Florida—after all, the money was gone. The complaint was submitted on February 14 and immediately sealed because making it public "may cause suspect to flee in order to avoid apprehension, may cause the destruction of physical evidence, and may cause the further dissipation of victim car purchaser's funds." It's somewhat boilerplate language, but a hint nonetheless.

Sookralli remains in custody, and his next court appearance will take place on Friday during his bond hearing. His attorney Howard Schumacher told the Sun-Sentinel that his client hopes to be free by the weekend...

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