This week brought rather sad news to the Durham, North Carolina area. According to reports, one individual perished and about 25 people were injured in an accident resulting from a gas explosion. We offer our condolences to the family and hope the injured get well soon.

Unfortunately, while construction workers were doing some work, they struck a two-inch gas pipeline that caused the massive explosion. It resulted in the total demolition of one building and significant damage to its neighbor.

Its neighboring building was a facility owned by noted Porsche collector, Bob Ingram. Ingram is known for his work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Home to a collection of Porsche vehicles, it's clear that the collection is likely to be significantly affected. Thankfully, no one was in the Ingram facility at the time of the explosion.

Details on any damage to the collectible cars have not been released.

The Ingram Collection holds some important classics, said Rob Sass, editor-in-chief of Porsche Panorama, the official magazine of Porsche Club of America.

"There are Porsches and then there are Porsches," he said. "If it's a significant car in the Porsche world, chances are they have one. They really enjoy a peerless reputation."



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North Carolina Gas Explosion Kills One And Seems To Have Significantly Damaged Well-regarded Porsche Collection

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