Here we go, folks. We've got another technology initial public offering coming down the 'pike and it seems the stage is set. It's going to be a Duesey.

Uber, the mobile app for hailing rides, will debut sometime in May on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the ticker UBER.

According to reports this is the most anticipated IPO since Facebook. And, I can see why. Frankly, I am an Uber power user and I love the application. Both the standard Uber and Uber Eats app make my life easier and I lean into them more often than I'd actually like.

It's just a great product.

That said, there's some questions lingering about its financials and comparisons to Lyft are inevitable. Lyft, who beat Uber to the IPO punch, IPO'd at $72/share but its price closed the week at $59.90/share as of the end of trading, Friday.

Rumors are suggesting that Uber is looking to raise approximately $10B on a $100B valuation.

Personally, I am not touching it with a 10-foot pole as the banks typically misprice IPOs and retail investors get burned. Maybe down the road I'll consider adding it to my portfolio. What do YOU think, Spies?

Uber Technologies Inc. filed for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday, setting up the most anticipated Silicon Valley IPO since Facebook Inc. 

Uber did not list a target price for shares, putting in a placeholder target of $1 billion for the total amount the San Francisco company seeks to raise. Reports this week stated that Uber expects to raise about $10 billion at a valuation of roughly $100 billion, but there is not enough information in the initial filing to support that information. The Uber offering is being led by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, two of 29 banks listed as underwriters on the offering. The company expects to eventually list shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol UBER...

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Uber Hails The NYSE, Look Out For UBER To IPO In May

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