Solidly in the "Top 5 Most Touristy Things You Can Do in San Francisco," is taking a drive down the famously steep and twisty Lombard Street. However, due to an infestation of tourists and selfie-obsessed Instagrammers, this privilege might cost you a few bucks pretty soon. 

According to CNN, the city's Board of Supervisors unanimously greenlit legislation last Tuesday that'd require anyone wanting to take a vehicle onto the unique tourist attraction not only pay a small fee, but make a reservation ahead of time. The move was apparently made in an effort to curb overcrowding. As it stands, taking a trip down Lombard only costs the fuel you use and up to 10 hours(!) of your time. Talk about a tourist trap.

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Tourist Trap: San Francisco Democrats Want To Charge Up To $10 To Drive Down Lombard Street

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