To say car owners do some silly things to their rides could be one of the all time understatements. And it's not just limited to one segment. Cheap cars get it done, as well as some of the most expensive ones out there.

Just because you have the money doesn't mean you have the taste.

But it doesn't stop them from trying to separate their vehicles from the pack. Many times resulting in not the BEST outcomes...

Let's just say in our opinion this BMW 7-Series owner didn't exactly hit a home run.

It looks like they say the Ghost at a local dealer in a two-tone color scheme and thought, hey, I can buy a 7, put a cheap wrap on it and everyone will think I got the ROLLS-ROYCE of BMW's!

Well Spies, YOU be the judge here.

Give us YOUR opinion on this GEM we spied today....

Owner Tries 'GHOST' Effect And Ends Up With WORST BMW 7-Series Wrap EVER?

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