Boy, Tesla's Elon Musk makes it really hard to keep rooting for the American electric vehicle manufacturer. Why?

Because Musk continues to make increasingly bold claims that are exceedingly out of touch with reality. His latest came at Monday's Autonomy Investor Day.

The timing of this Investor Day is a bit fishy. It was a couple of days ahead of a critical earnings call set to happen today (Wednesday). Was this a ham-fisted attempt to get out ahead of what's expected to be a rather disastrous call? Seems like it.

That's because when the going gets tough, Musk pulls a trick from the General Motors playbook by utilizing distraction.

So, I've got to ask: Are YOU buying what Musk is selling regarding full autonomy and 1 million robotaxis by 2020? Or, do you suspect this is yet another series of bold claims that have no merit?

...Plenty of observers agreed that 1 million Tesla robotaxis by 2020 is probably not a thing that’s going to happen.

“It’s totally off-base. There’s just no way that that is going to happen the way it was presented. They’re not even close,” Steven Shladover, a retired research engineer at the University of California Berkeley, told me.

“To be polite, I think we saw their vision of the best-case scenario. I think that’s what they rolled out. And their track record would suggest that that best-case scenario doesn’t always pan out the way they hope,” said Lou Whiteman, a contributor at the investment site Motley Fool and a veteran transportation reporter.

“The Tesla Network robotaxi plans seemed half baked, with the company appearing to either not have answers to or not even considered pretty basic question on the pricing, insurance liability, or regulatory and legal requirements,” Cowen analyst Jeffrey Osborne said in a note to clients...

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Are YOU Buying What Elon's Selling Regarding Robotaxis, Or Is It ANOTHER Distraction From Today's Earnings Call?

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