Depending on who you ask, Tesla is either crushing it or they’re floundering. One thing is certain, though: The American electric vehicle manufacturer is going to be coming up against competition. Fast.

The most anticipated of the lot is the all-new Porsche Taycan. This is Porsche’s first attempt at a full-on production EV.

Based on the Mission E concept that we fell in love with, we’ve been waiting to see how true the Taycan would stay to the concept. With each set of spy shots, we’ve been getting a bit more visibility into it. The latest pics, which we’ve got for you now, are eye opening.

That’s because Porsche is clearly not playing around. The Taycan will be very much so the Mission E. More camouflage peeled off recently and when you look at the headlights they’re inspired by the concept car. While it won’t boast “coach” or “suicide” doors, the vehicle’s greenhouse is virtually identical. Around back it’s a bit difficult to tell due to the vinyl camouflage but it looks like it will boast a sweeping light bar that’s darkened when not in use.

NOTE: It appear’s Porsche’s engineers are having fun with that emblem on the trunk lid.

All in, this makes the Tesla Model S look dated. VERY dated.

Having said all of that, I’ve got to ask: Are YOU feeling inspired to claim your spot in line for a Taycan now?

Pictures from yesterday of the Taycan without the front light camo panels taped on it. Even just peeling off the headlight covers is making a gigantic aesthetic improvement.

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SPIED: The BEST Shots Yet Of The All-new Porsche Taycan — Are YOU Putting $ Down For A Spot In Line Now?

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