One of the vehicles making noise in early 2019 is the all-new BMW 8-Series. The first vehicles are arriving in showrooms and it's somewhat of a star to some folks.

After all, it's the new flagship coupe.

There's just one problem. Well, probably more than one. First off, is it even that good? I just spent a week with one and I can confidently say the answer to that is simply "No."

At the same time, the boys and girls at CAR just entered an M850i into its long-term test fleet. Before it starts tearing up those English country roads though, the publication put out a reflective piece on the all-new 8-Series.

It's actually a brilliant way to give the all-new 8 some context. This is because the 8'er has problems before you even set off. Part engineering, part marketing, part pricing, you'll see what I mean soon enough.

Check out CAR's five biggest questions of the all-new 8-Series before it starts diving into the long-term review.


1. Is this car proof BMW's got its big-coupe mojo back?

Regardless of whether or not it's a fair question to ask, the 8-series must – in a single car – undo decades of underachievement. That's the ball we're keenest to see the 8-series smash out of the park.

In the beginning there was the CSL Batmobile, a car so evocative (thank the countless race wins and spectacular paint jobs, not least Alexander Calder's art car) that BMW's yet to better it as a single-car manifestation of all it stands for. Then there was the '80s 8-series, for a whole generation (tellingly, a generation then too young to drive) a knee-weakening confection of wedge silhouette and pop-up lights...

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The BMW M850i Enters The Long-term Test Fleet — The FIVE Questions That NEED To Be Answered...

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