It's all coming to an end, folks. As much as I don't want to write that, it's true.

Between legislation, autonomous vehicles and who knows what else is coming down the 'pike, the message is clear: Owning a new gasoline-fed vehicle is going to come to a halt sometime in the near future — relatively speaking. How soon? Well, no one knows for sure.

As a betting man, I'd guess in the next 15 to 20 years. Obviously, that's not based on science.

Given that I am an automotive enthusiast with oil pumping through my veins, I have always thought about what's next to add to the fleet. And I always have a list of vehicles I'd like to put in my garage one day. With the light at the end of the tunnel, I found myself wondering today: As time's running out, what's the number one new vehicle I want to own before electric vehicles are the only option?

So, Spies, I pose the question to you. What will it be before this whole thing kicks off?


That’s the word direct from Marek Reichman, executive VP and chief creative officer at Aston Martin Lagonda. Standing over the new squeaky clean Rapide E at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show – a 600bhp fully electric super saloon – naturally asked about the other powertrain.

“It gets harder and harder to meet emissions, obviously,” he conceded. “But I think we have the capability to keep V12 engines going within the business. We’ve just got to be very aware of the compliance and the emissions rules that will come out in the future.

“Part of the trick of being an engineer is understanding the potential legislation that will come your way..."

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BEFORE The Auto Sector Goes FULLY Electric, What's The ONE New Vehicle You Want To Own?

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