Now, I am not sure what the reception will be here but to me the original Men in Black movie was pretty good. Being a family flick it appealed to all ages and had a healthy dose of silliness.

It was unique.

Well, given that Hollywood these days is all about reboots, Men in Black is getting another refresh. Dubbed Men in Black International, it makes use of younger stars — Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson — and takes the flick to London.

And with many Hollywood franchises, there's also an automotive component. Lexus clearly sealed the deal as its vehicles are seen throughout the trailer and the star of the show is the refreshed, 2020 RC F coupe.

To see just how Men in Black International will be using the RC F, scope out the latest trailer below.

If everyone could just look right here… ??? Watch the new trailer for #MIBInternational, in theaters June 14.

VIDEO: Lexus Goes To Hollywood. REFRESHED RC F Getting A WHOLE Lot Of Screen Time For Men In Black Reboot

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