In a rather surprising move, it appears that Jaguar Land Rover is maybe one of the first automakers to "get it."

I understand that may not sound like much but hold on.

According to the latest company-issued news, JLR is setting out to essentially PAY buyers of its products using "smart wallet" technology. Essentially, it will be ponying up some coin for useful information.

Examples include: Potholes, traffic congestion and weather conditions.

JLR says it would pay users in cryptocurrency that can then be used to buy coffee, pay tolls, parking fees or applied towards your charging bill if you own an electric vehicle. Anyway you slice it, this is actually a very forward-thinking move as JLR understands that the modern consumer is willing to share data provided they get something in return.

Having said that, what do YOU think? Is JLR a company that "gets it?" Is this a great idea or is this a bit of a snoozer?

Drivers will be able to earn cryptocurrency and make payments on the move using innovative connected car services being tested by Jaguar Land Rover. Using ‘Smart Wallet’ technology, owners earn credits by enabling their cars to automatically report useful road condition data such as traffic congestion or potholes to navigation providers or local authorities. Drivers could then redeem these for rewards such as coffee, or conveniently use them to automatically pay tolls, parking fees and for smart charging electric vehicles.

Is Jaguar Land Rover The FIRST Company To

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