The muscle car wars are heating up again. This time it's not about power though.

This time it's about what matters: Whose ringing the cash register on dealer lots.

Guess what? It isn't the Chevrolet Camaro.

This comes as a bit of a surprise given that the Camaro is refreshed for the 2019 model year and rides on a good chassis. But, there's something to be said for the strong styling of the Challenger. Whatever the case, it has buyer's attention.

Agent 001 and I were discussing it today and we have some different opinions though. So, we want to know what the Spies think.

WHY is the Dodge Challenger BEATING the Chevrolet Camaro in the muscle car sales race?

...A quiet fight has been raging over which car holds the No. 2 spot in the sports car category.

And now Dodge Challenger has solidly overtaken the legendary Chevrolet Camaro. It had the best year ever in 2018 and continues gaining market share at an astonishing rate, analysts say.

Models named “Demon” and “Hellcat” have led to an impressive presence on Facebook with more than 5.2 million followers. The average buyer age is 51...

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But WHY?! Can ANYONE Tell Us WHY The Dodge Challenger Is BEATING The Chevrolet Camaro In The Sales Race?

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