The all-new BMW 3-Series has touched down but as I was exchanging notes with Agent 001 the other day, we came to a realization. Neither of us had seen one on the road.

Funny enough, the next day we did catch one on one of San Diego's northern country roads.

Although we were quite a bit let down with its all-new design, as it takes more of a Lexus-like approach, we're interested in getting behind the wheel. The current-gen 3-Series/4-Series is not aging particularly well so we're interested to see how the Bavarians are going to keep people's blood pumping with the latest and greatest.

That said, the folks at Autocar had a go in the all-new 330i. Its verdict is posted below and it seems rather vague.

Is it BETTER or WORSE than its competition, folks?!

Should I buy one?

The 330i M Sport is fast, poised and engaging to drive; pleasant, upmarket, refined and practical; advanced and well-equipped – and yet competitively priced and realistically fuel-efficient. It’s a very hard car to find a serious, reasonably held fault with.

That the executive set has cheaper, bigger, more laid-back and left-field options is true enough. But this car excels at the traditional job description of a BMW 3 Series in almost all of the important ways, and brings new qualities to the table too. It’s authentic and technologically contemporary-feeling with it; great to drive and more complete than any 3 Series before it.

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