Ahead of its release in Europe’s right-hand-drive regions, the Tesla Model 3 has gone through an extensive review by Auto Express, one of the UK’s leading automotive publications. The electric sedan from Silicon Valley proved impressive, receiving a stellar 5-Star rating from the magazine.

Auto Express is among the most prominent car-themed publications in the region, at one point being the best-selling motoring magazine in Britain. The publication also holds the distinction of being the first to reveal the name of the Model 3 five years ago. In its recent review of the vehicle, Auto Express noted that despite the long wait, the Model 3 is ultimately a “stunning electric car you can enjoy every day.”

The magazine tested a Long Range AWD version of the Tesla Model 3, which was rated in the region with a range of 348 miles (under WLTP standards) and a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. The publication praised the Model 3 for its performance, particularly its “addictive” acceleration and its impressive drive. The Model 3’s exterior design, which allows the vehicle to look compact despite being longer than other cars in its class like the BMW 3-Series, was praised as well.

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European Magazine Rates Telsa Model 3 Five Out Of Five Possible Stars

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