In one of its latest videos, the Consumer Reports team decided to talk all things Cadillac XT4. As one of the purchased vehicles in its fleet, CR did a quick drive clip in the XT4 to give us the download.

During that sub three minute clip, it seems that CR actually is in favor of Cadillac's all-new vehicle. While there's a couple hiccups here and there (e.g., the hard and flat rear bench seat), overall, the XT4 gets a rather favorable review.

One area that CR points out though is that Cadillac's reliability isn't anything to write home about. No duh.

But, to me, it seems like an oddball remark in all honesty. With so many other elements of the XT4 that are questionable, why would CR focus on that? What about its $50,000 price tag, which could deliver you plenty of other sport-utility vehicles that maybe just as well trimmed or even larger?

Are there any OTHER concerns that would have you second guessing the XT4? What did Consumer Reports MISS?

Cadillac hopes to attract newcomers to the entry-level luxury SUV segment with the XT4. It’s small size, agile handling and classic Cadillac styling give it an edge in the class, but buyers may want to find a better balance of features for the price.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Are Potential Reliability Concerns The ONLY Thing Holding Back The Cadillac XT4?

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