So, an interesting thing happened over the past several days. We're seeing a lot of all-new vehicles hitting showrooms and the word is getting out, quick.

Some are moving well and others are languishing already. Don't believe everything you read, folks.

It wasn't too long ago that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' (FCA) Jeep brand was celebrating that all of its special launch edition Jeep Gladiators were sold out. That accounted for nearly 5,000 units each of which were priced upwards of $$61,000 per copy.

The press has been all over the Gladiator. I will admit that it looks cool, but does that translate into real customers showing up and putting down the coin to take one home? Originally, I had thought there was pent up demand even against the rumblings I was hearing through the Agents. Turns out I may have missed the mark.

That's because we're starting to see dealers, who are on the frontlines, starting to offer DEEP discounts on the first shipments of the all-new Gladiator. See for yourself, below.

That means one thing. I've got to ask: IF the Jeep Gladiator is SO hot WHY are the first units being offered with DEEP discounts?

IF The Jeep Gladiator Is SO Hot WHY Are the FIRST Units Being Offered With DEEP Discounts?

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