A company that's done zero to 60 over the past 12 months is Rivian.

I am pretty sure there's not one other company that has gone from "Who" to the A list so fast. But, just because Rivian's getting a ton of attention right now doesn't mean it'll mean a successful future.

In fact, we've seen this play out before. Especially when electric vehicles are involved.

Take, for example, Fisker. Henrik Fisker's company was riding on super high media attention. But when his coachbuilt cars didn't connect with the market and Fisker turned its attention to EVs, it was a second helping of more of the same. The Fisker Karma was a dud upon arrival.

It's a shame, really. Henrik turned out legendary designs and is a nice guy. But, that's hockey.

The hot company of today is Rivian, which has received funding from both Amazon and Ford to produce its EV trucks. But, deliveries are expected to begin late 2020 as a 2021 model.

By that point, however, Tesla may already have a truck on the market though. And, we're thinking it's going to be something that puts the Ford F-150 Raptor to shame. It's going to be a badass truck rather than something quirky like the Rivian — its exterior kind of reminds of something from Subaru.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Is Rivian setting itself up to become the FISKER of the pick-up truck market?

The GREAT Debate: Is Rivian Setting Itself Up To Become The FISKER Of The Truck Market?

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