Well, Spies. The first judgments are in and they're interesting to say the least.

That's right. The embargo broke for the reviews of the 2020 Toyota Supra. While I haven't watched every single review of the all-new Supra, I did spend some time going through them.

It's funny. Mostly because I've noticed that there's an ongoing thread in some of the first reviews. It seems that at the front or at the back of the reviews, presenters are saying something along the lines of this:

"If you don't spend time thinking about what makes a Supra so and you use that time to drive, you'll love the fifth-generation car."

Are we supposed to forget about the historical context of nameplates now? Or does that thinking just apply to this vehicle? Like I said, it's just funny to me.

Having said that, I wanted to gather together a few reviews. A couple come from big-time automotive publications and a couple come from Doug DeMuro and Matt Farah — both of whom have NO problem telling it how it is.

So, what's the verdict? See below...

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The Reviews Of The 2020 Toyota Supra Are IN — What Do YOU Think The Word On The Street Is?

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