Over the past several years, there's been quite a buzz in the RAM community. There's good reason for this. That's because everyone saw the debut of the RAM TRX pick-up truck concept and has been wondering "OK, so, when do I get mine," ever since.

Considering you can buy a Hellcat crate engine, why not?

Well, one enthusiast made their move before FCA could deliver the goods. Although one would think it's just a simple as dropping the motor in, it's actually much more complex than that. See the description below:

...While the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 looks at home in the engine bay of the 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, it wasn’t a simple task. Electrical, cooling and tuning all played important roles in bringing the HELLCAT to live in the DT-platform truck to life. Things such as relocating the oil filter, altering a bracket on the frame to clear the alternator, and a few other things took a bit of innovation. The truck also features a completely upgraded fuel system to push fuel to the massive HEMI up front. The truck’s cab also had to come off the frame, to get the HELLCAT motor in the engine bay without taking the 2.3-liter IHI supercharger off the top...

All that said, the end result looks like it paid off. Just see what this RAM is capable of now with its all-new grunt.


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