For years, people have asked me all sorts of questions related to this job. Generally speaking, the questions are always all over the map. But there's two that always come up without fail.

First: Which vehicle that you've driven is your favorite?

Then: OK, you've got to pick up ladies in these things, right?

Wrong! Not only is that not my style, simply put, I've never experienced any woman who's interested in me for the car I am driving. Frankly, I don't think I'd want to get to know that person whether it was for one night or a lifetime.

It turns out though that the type of vehicle you're pictured with in an online dating profile can actually help get you laid. Who would have thought?

Those with Jeeps saw a 243 percent increase in the messages they receive.

Top tip, Spies: If you're pictured with a hatchback of any sort, you decrease the messages you receive by 15 percent. So, ditch the hatch.

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It Turns Out That The Type Of Car You Have MAY Help You Get LAID — You Won't Believe THESE Results...

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