It's truly amazing how cars get uncovered before their big time debuts these days. Years ago, it was nothing like this.

But now that everyone has essentially a spy camera attached to their phones, they come in frequently. And, even better, well before their debut.

The latest example is the all-new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe. The M8 hasn't even been revealed yet and, frankly, we have no visibility as to when that would happen.

Turns out someone in South Africa stumbled across the M8 Competition Gran Coupe and decided to take advantage of the situation. And, boy, their balls are big. As the vehicle was being prepared to be loaded for transport — ship or plane, we're guessing — someone peeled the covers back for these snaps.

So, what do YOU think?

**EDIT: Check out the instagram post below where you can HEAR the M8 Competition doing some revs — Does that sound like a V8 to YOU?

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LEAKED! The All-new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe Gets UNCOVERED In Transit — Excited Yet?

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