When the BMW M850i first made its appearance, I remember saying something along the lines of "Well, at least there will be an M8." The reason: The M850i just wasn't enough.

While it could certainly carry two passengers in comfort, it didn't innovate at all in terms of style, with its technology or via its powertrain. The same can be concluded with the M8.

2020 BMW M8

Looking at the 8-Series I just can't help but ask: Is there ANYTHING special about this vehicle?

It borrows technology from other BMW products across the board. It looks like a refreshed 6-Series. It is not a game changer.

Although one could argue that was true of the original E31 8-Series, you have to remember one thing: At least it boasted one of the most striking and daring BMW designs in the history of the company at the time. Oh, and it had that honking great V12 motor up front. It was a vehicle that pushed boundaries.

So, we've got to ask: Did BMW MISS an opportunity with its all-new M8?

2020 BMW M8

STUD or DUD? Did BMW MISS An Opportunity With Its All-new M8?

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