We know all the buzz is around Tesla these days but if you really take an objective look at the current state of the car biz, we think people are missing something that they shouldn't.

And what is that thing you ask?

That the hybrid vehicle makes so much sense and there are some really good ones out there. FOR CHEAP!

Case in point...My son's 2017 Ford Fusion 1.5 SE lease was about to end so I did some spying before buying.

Advice I give to you all the time. SPY before you BUY!

The car business is shifting (see what I did there?) all the time and markets change, sometimes overnight.

I thought I would never beat the crazy lease deal I got for him on the last one...$154.10 per month, 36 months, 10,500 miles, tax included with only first payment to start. Msrp on the car was 25k and change. I mean you can't RENT a car for that cheap. And it had all the goodies...backup cam, carplay, sat radio, bluetooth.

So as I shopped, what I found out is because the consumer focus (oops, I did it again!) is on Tesla, hybrids have become unloved.

So when my sales person shot over the numbers and we did some final negotiation, my son is now driving a $28,550 MSRP 2019 Fusion Hybrid SE for $169.04 per month, tax included, 36 months, 10,500 miles, $350 down to start. And that includes all the safety stuff and goodies you want for your child INCLUDING active cruise with FULL stop and go!

The 1.5 motor was getting 23 city and about 28 hwy real world mileage. This hybrid is getting a whopping 46MPG CITY! So even though the payment is a little higher his gas expense is 50% less. It's a great sedan, good handling, fun to drive and handsome.

There are some others out there but you would get them for the price of the Fusion.

Oh, and by the way, here's a little interesting stat for you...The Ford Fusion Hybrid has OUTSOLD the the Toyota Prius so far in 2019!

So that begs the question...Make the case for us and the readers....WHY Would You Spend ALL That Extra $$$ On An Electric Vehicle When Today’s Hybrids Are SO Damn GOOD?

Also, special thanks for the hard work from my SpyGirl Crystal (cover pic) at Kearny Pearson Ford.

MAKE The Case. WHY Would You Spend ALL That Extra $$$ On An Electric Vehicle When Today’s Hybrids Are SO Damn GOOD?

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