Technology is a beautiful thing.

But, every once and a while, it seems like we may be overstepping our bounds. Or, it's a situation that, as I say, is "technology for technology's sake."

These latest features set to debut on most 2020 Toyota models may just be an indication of that.

One is called Automatic Engine Shut Off and it does just as it says. The vehicle will automatically shut down a vehicle that has an engine running longer than an extended period of time. Although it seems like a no brainer that owners should power down their rides when arriving home or putting it in the garage, that isn't always the case as today's vehicles are extremely silent or fully electric and produce no noise.

The other feature is called Automatic Park. If a driver exits an auto without selecting Park, the vehicle will do so by itself. This way, there's no dangers from a vehicle rolling away. There have been several reported deaths over the past 24 months related to vehicle rollaways.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Are these all-new features the mark of a WELCOME change or simply unnecessary?


The first of these two systems is Automatic Engine Shut Off. Available on "most" 2020 model-year vehicles, this one works in conjunction with the automaker's keyless ignition system. If the vehicle is left running for an extended period of time, it'll just turn itself off...

...The second system is called Automatic Park. It's as straightforward as it sounds: If a driver exits the vehicle without putting it in Park, it will do so automatically. This one requires a vehicle that relies on electronic means to set both the transmission and the parking brake, but Toyota didn't say which models would get it. The idea here is to prevent any freak roll-away accidents -- as again, with hybrids occasionally sitting silent upon reaching a destination, there's always the chance something might go wrong...

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2020 Toyota Vehicles WILL Be Able To Put Themselves Into Park AND Shut Themselves Off — Is This A WELCOME Change?

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