Yesterday was a day full of fun for many. Whether you had a barbecue or decided to get the gang together and head to a baseball game or go for a Sunday drive, it was time to get together with your old man.

Having an automotive bend here, we obviously are biased. And it's reasonable to assume that for many of you that your fathers were a driving force behind your love for things with wheels.

We love to honor the people who gave us so much in our lives. So, that being said we drummed up a good auto-related question to give some shout outs to our pops.

IF you could buy your Dad his dream car, WHAT would it be?

And, here's a fun question we've got for you as a bonus: What was your father's favorite vehicle back when you were kids? We love to see how people's tastes have changed — if at all.

Happy Father's Day! If You Could Buy Your Dad HIS Dream Car WHAT Would It Be?

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