For every vehicle an automaker nails, there's always a story or two of a company essentially missing the boat. To a certain degree, this is to be expected.

When you're a product company, sometimes timing can be off. And, in some cases, you may actually be ahead of the trend.

That's more or less what happened with Toyota and its FJ Cruiser. While the FJ Cruiser wasn't a complete miss, it seems like Toyota may have really been onto something if it wasn't discontinued. THINK: Today, the category is hotter than ever.

Just check Ebay values: The FJ Cruiser that's linked to this story is being sold for a rather steep asking price of $58.9K!

That said, we've got to ask: Did Toyota make a HUGE mistake by discontinuing the FJ Cruiser too soon?

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Did Toyota Make A HUGE Mistake Discontinuing The FJ Cruiser Now That The Segment Is Hotter Than Ever?

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