I have to admit, when I took delivery of the Steve McQueen-inspired Ford Mustang BULLITT, I was a bit excited. It had nothing to do with the fact it is associated with McQueen.

I still don't understand the man crush over this actor.

I was excited for a couple reasons: First, it is featured in a great specification. Highland Green, please. Second, I forgot how fun the latest gen Ford Mustang is to drive — several days later and I am having a blast with the BULLITT.

Generation-to-generation, the latest Mustang is an impressive step in the right direction for the Blue Oval. I am not so sure I'd spring $7-8,000 for the paint and wheels, but the rest of the GT is brilliant.

My experience got my wheels turning. Now, I've got to ask: WHICH new vehicle deserves the most improved player trophy, when compared generation-to-generation?

WHICH New Vehicle Deserves The Most Improved Player Trophy, When Compared Generation-to-Generation?

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