If you have a bit of disposable income and you've taken delivery of a vehicle you've been dreaming about, chances are you're going to want it your way. Or, you may even have gotten a great vehicle but you're tiring of it.

Well, there's solutions for that today.

First, most folks indulge in wraps. Done in varying degrees of detail, they can cost a pretty penny.

Second is a more permanent fix. Paint. The problem is repainting a vehicle is quite involved. It's like a tattoo: Yes, you can rid of it but you really don't want to be in that position.

Some folks in the UK might have the fix though. It has a new product that's paint that's peelable. I sure as hell hope they patented it.

Long story short, JayKay of Jamiroquai who's a well-known car freak recently got tired of his GTC4Lusso. But rather than wrap or repaint it at the factory, he decided to try this all-new product on for size.

If you were in his shoes, what would YOU have done?

Check out the entire process, below.

Recently we had the pleasure of transforming musician JayKay's Ferrari GTC4Lusso from grey to purple with our new product -TopazSkin.

TopazSkin is a peelable paint protection spray that allows any car to be completely transformed with the finish of paintwork. It's completely removable and even protects the original paintwork from stone chips, scratches, and scuffs.

Wrap? Paint? Or, Peelable Paint Skin? EXTREME Ferrari Makeover For JayKay's GTC4Lusso

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