In the UK, we've been starting to see the release of electric vehicles that are different than what you'd typically expect. No, it's not just your Nissan Leafs or Chevrolet Bolts or Teslas.

This is something more eccentric.

These are extreme retromods. This came to light after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. That's because everyone took note of the Jaguar E-Type Roadster the couple drove around in. There was one dirty little secret. The E-Type was actually fully electric.

It looks like that's happening again with an electrified version of a vintage Ford Mustang. And, it'll cost you.

The price to do this is 300,000 GBP.

Less than 500 are expected to be built and this 'Stang gets a 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed debut. So, what do YOU think? Is it AWESOME or AWFUL?

Fancy an all-electric Ford Mustang? In an original bodyshell officially sanctioned by Ford? This third-party conversion by Charge Cars is just that, and promises 0-60mph in less than four seconds with zero emissions.

The catch? Well, it costs a whopping £300,000 for starters, and this is very much an independent job, not an official Blue Oval product. It's four-wheel drive and combined peak power of 400kW makes for some pretty rapid performance figures (149mph is quoted).

But it's pretty eye-grabbing, all the same. Charge Cars quotes a 200-mile range from the 64kWh battery pack and says it can DC fast-charge at 50kW to charge the battery in little over an hour. The electric motor and power control systems come from EV specialist Arrival...

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is A Full Electrified, Retromod Ford Mustang What You Had In Mind For $375,000+?

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