Over this weekend, Agent 001 and I were sparring again. Discussing all-new vehicles and their designs, we stumbled from one design to the next.

The goal? To understand vehicles that were not the greatest, in terms of looks, and to figure out the vehicles that punch above their weight.

In other words, their exterior design looked just as strong and well executed as the luxury autos of our day.

Take, for example, the Kia Telluride that's getting compared to a Volvo or even a Range Rover.

This, of course, got us thinking. As we were looking at the product plan while discussing the spy shots of the next-gen Grand Cherokee, we noticed for 2022 the Grand Wagoneer is scheduled to make an appearance. Frankly, the Grand Wagoneer is long overdue and expectations for a BMW X7 or Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class competitor are running high.

Simply put, many folks are waiting for the Grand Wagoneer. But, the Telluride may have already stolen the show. That's because we're hearing from our Spies that the upcoming flagship Grand Wagoneer WON'T look better than the currently released Kia Telluride.

So, we've got to ask: Will the upcoming Grand Wagoneer look BETTER or WORSE than the Telluride?

Will The Upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer Look BETTER Or WORSE Than The Kia Telluride?

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