If you're adventurous or starting a small family, likely you'll want to select a small sport-utility vehicle to help you get around. While the competition gets stronger ever model year, I think it's safe to say that Honda and Toyota do a damn fine job of keeping buyer's interest.

That's because both ship extremely good products in form of the CR-V and RAV4, the latter being an all-new model.

There's a twist now, though. That's because both can be had as hybrid variants. Recently, Auto Express put both together in a head-to-head situation.

You can see who took home numero uno, below.

From my experience, I have to say that when the CR-V first debuted it really was in a class of its own. It drives brilliantly and feels more premium than it is in actuality. Its motor is quite loud and it could do with some more pep in its step, that's for sure. The all-new RAV4 though deserves your attention. That's because Toyota woke  from its coma and shipped a proper small SUV this time around. It definitely makes a very strong case for itself when directly compared to the CR-V.

As evidenced by the verdict, this is really a battle that will come down to subjective points (e.g., design, infotainment ease of use, etc.) and how good of a deal you can find out on the street. You can't really go wrong, either way, Spies.


First place: Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 Hybrid wins here because it’s more practical and more efficient than its rival – two of the most important aspects for buyers in this market. The Toyota is cheaper to buy and marginally better to drive, although there’s not too much between them on the road. It’s well equipped, too, with plenty of protective systems, and a good choice if you’re set on a hybrid SUV as your next family car.

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