Every once and a while an automaker goes out and builds something extraordinary.

For Volkswagen, it was the Phaeton.

For Lexus, it was the LFA.

And for Dodge, it may be the Challenge SRT Demon. You remember it, I am sure. It's the Challenger with 840 horsepower and could be delivered with the famous Demon Crate.

According to higher ups at Dodge, the Challenger SRT Demon will not be returning. Why? Well, they were serialized — though that's never stopped an automaker before [cough] Ford GT [cough].

Rumors are swirling that of the 40 developmental RAM Rebel TRX pick-up trucks equipped with high-performance motors, one is a Demon powerplant. But, as with all things on the internet, there's no official confirmation that it's true.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is gone like a bat out of hell, according to a top FCA executive.

"The Demon isn’t coming back," said Tim Kuniskis, FCA's Head of Passenger Cars for North America, told Muscle Cars & Trucks. "You know what would happen, if those 3,300 people that paid a lot of money for a serialized car, do you know what they would do to me if we brought it back..."

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CONFIRMED: ANOTHER One Bites The Dust, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is Dead As A Doornail

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