Today, I received a picture of a local advertisement that caught Agent 001's eye. And it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

A SoCal dealer is pushing some interesting deals on some leftover 2018 model year BMWs as well as some service loaners.

That would include a 2019 BMW X3 going for $359/mo for 36 months, a 2019 BMW 740i going for $599/mo for 24 months and $17,000 off not one, but five, 2018 BMW M4 convertibles. There's caveats for each of them, really. That particular X3 is an ex-service loaner from the dealer, the M4 convertible is the least desirable variant and the refreshed, 2020 BMW 7-Series is in showrooms.

To me, there's a certain whiff of desperation in the air with this ad. Good for buyers, provided they're dialed into the caveats.

But, from a brand perspective, I've got to ask: Does THIS type of advertising of these deals, which used to be done in quiet, RUIN the 'premium' status of an automaker?

When YOU See Car Ads Like THIS Does It RUIN The 'Premium' Vibe Of An Automaker?

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